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Fire; Ever-consuming, Ever-persistent. (Open!)

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Fire; Ever-consuming, Ever-persistent. (Open!) Empty Fire; Ever-consuming, Ever-persistent. (Open!)

Post by Deku on Sat May 18, 2013 12:45 pm

Fire as we scientifically define it is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products. But fire itself is so much more complex, and the mortal world takes it for granted. It can be a weapon, and it can be an instrument. For thousands upon thousands of generations, it has lit the streets of our growing existence, keeping ourselves and all that we know in a comforting blanket of warmth. Such an element makes it possible for dough to blossom into bread, for coal to erupt in it's hidden potential glory, lighting the candle for those who possess one to see (or smell, based upon your living conditions). The candle is a perfect example of the yin-yang that is Fire. Taking a simple candle and lighting it allows the wick to emit light and heat, which is often perfect for those who are experiencing power outages. But over time, the flame takes a toll on the candle. It kills off the wick, forcing it to bend to the overpowering superiority of the flame, and soon melting the once solid candle to mere liquefied wax. If one cannot deem itself worthy, something (or someone) will be engulfed in the inferno. Entire wars are waged harnessing, enslaving, the violent and lethal nature that can be easily tampered and manipulated.

Fire is always persistent, fighting till the bitter end until every last bit of it is quenched on a molecular level. It is also consuming, eating as much as it can, fueled by oxygen. Tetsuo Namikaze is the perfect example of both. Upon being marked the Gargoyle of Fire, the nature of his elemental status has taken a toll on his very being, both in helpful and harmful ways. Tetsuo is a pertinacious soul, setting his goals at extremely high standards and letting nothing stop him from making said goals become realities, both for himself and those that he loves. In it's ever-consuming nature, Tetsuo has a constant hunger for anything and everything (he would eat for eternity, but his mortal existence puts a limit on how much he can eat, which is still abnormally high) often eating 5 to 6 bowls of spicy ramen in one sitting. But enough of this philosophy, we've still got a show to run,don't we?

Tetsuo woke up in his usual fashion, yawning with the ferocity of a roaring tiger, glancing over at the plastic alarm clock placed on his dresser, with faint red digits that read off 8:15. He cursed existence for depriving him of his precious slumber, slinging his arm over his eyes in one last desperate attempt to escape to the lucid dreaming sequence once more. When this maneuver failed, and the reality that he would have rise and be productive had dawned on him, Tetsuo groaned and reluctantly hopped from his bed. He performed the regular morning ritual for getting ready, clad in a plaid shirt and khaki shorts that snug just below his knees. Tetsuo entered the hallway that connected all the rooms together, feeling the fuzzy carpet beneath his feet. Heading immediately to the kitchen, multiple scenarios played out inside of his head, all of which had to do with him jubilantly feasting upon stacks of various delicacies; pancakes, waffles, omelettes, etc. Upon opening the door of their little 3 rowed fridge and bending down to see what was available for consumption, he felt his whole world and all that he knew about it crash down like an over weighted disco ball clumsily dropped from the top step of the latter of edible ecstasy. There's no food! He rushed from the little kitchen area, hooking a panicked right, which led him to his roommate Ayako's door. She was two years his elder, and she interpreted this as many lifetimes of superior intelligence (which wasn't exactly false). Knocking on Ayako's door in terror, he cried out "Ayako, there's no food for breakfast in the fri-" An irritated feminine voice cut off and silenced Tetsuo's. "I know that,dumbass. You were supposed go get groceries the other day,remember?" He didn't. "Oh...sorry Ayako-chan, I will be back shortly!" Usually when he said that, he got himself in deep trouble, running into the bad doers (both supernatural and human) that skulked the underground of Omoi Ame.

Exiting the building, Tetsuo did his best to map out the area in his head. If he remembered correctly, the main grocery store was only a few blocks away. If it weren't so early and he wasn't go groggy, Tetsuo would take his preferred method of transportation and jump the rooftops. Instead, he unchained Ayako's bike from the storage unit and pedaled his hungry self onward to adventure. Arriving in front of the rather large store, he rechained his roommate's bicycle and casually strolled inside, greeted by the initial flood of controlled air conditioning that summoned gooseflesh on his arms. Tetsuo was always so exuberant to be amongst the endless combinations and possibilities of potential meals. He bowed to a business man that Tetsuo shared the aisle with, who responded with little acknowledgement before turning to gaze upon his own possibilities. Typical. Tetsuo spent so much time outside, on the roofs and streets of his city, that his skin was tanned impressively. In the Japanese business world, the skin color shows where you are placed in society; those of darker shades are viewed as workers outside in fields, and are thus of lower class, versus those who are light skinned, which shows that you spend time inside of a working building. Tetsuo always viewed that as crap which is an excuse to be discriminatory towards others. Nonetheless, Tetsuo returned to his perusing of the food items behind glass doors intently, becoming lost in a dreamy daze of all the edibles he could feast upon.

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Fire; Ever-consuming, Ever-persistent. (Open!) Empty Re: Fire; Ever-consuming, Ever-persistent. (Open!)

Post by Luna Willows on Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:59 am

It was morning once again. Actually it was 8 or so in the morning and Luna had been off work for about four hours. Yes the place stayed open until 4 in the morning. As a stripper you just had to deal with that stuff. So why didn't Luna go straight home and sleep? Well there was a reason for this. The vampire was just awake. She had gotten home and planned on sleeping in. She had maybe two hours of sleep before she woke up and saw her younger brother off to school. Then she sat around for a bit longer and realized that she wanted to go and try and stock up on food at the house. And so since she had to actually buy a good amount of things, she had brought her bike (Motorcycle to be exact) and drove down here. It wasn't a really long fact the brunette  could have walked here. But if she brought Baby then she could walk the bike home; like she did most of the time.

An now here she was in public...once again wearing something that she just grabbed. She had on a tight red tank top that just wasn't long enough to cover up her navel. Her shorts were short, as always, and her big leather jacket was still too big for her. The long brown hair that she had was just let down. She had no energy to actually do something while going shopping. The one thing that was out of place was the fact that the girl was pushing a shopping cart and even comparing one item to the other. Luna knew that most of the girls that she worked with really didn't care what they ate, if they ate anything. They were always complaining about having to eat too and how expensive it was. Luna didn't care. She had someone she needed to feed because as far as she knew, Simon was human. And as a human, he needed to eat food. She also had to at food in front of him too because she hasn't told her younger brother what she was; and she was never going to. There was no way she was going to get on that list.

But anyways...Luna was standing there in front of the meat department and staring at the cuts they offered for beef. She was actually staring off into space to be quiet honest. When she had arrived here the vampire was trying to think of meals to make for dinner. Then her mind wandered to when the last time she had drank some blood then to how cold she was, what her hair looked like, if someone was staring at her, telling herself that someone was always staring at her and not to give them the time of day, and then finally to the point where she was at the moment: If she should go buy those cute socks at the mall that she had seen the other day or to wait until later to buy them. She had been struggling with this for a very long time. A few days to be exact. And if she waited too much longer than those cool face socks were going to be taken. But if se waited long enough then maybe they would be cheaper.

Suddenly Luna was pulled out of her thoughts by someone talking to her. It took the young vampire a long time to actually realize who it was. It was, to no surprise, some guy who thought it would be easy to talk to her. He was saying something about cuts of meat and then leaving little innuendos that made Luna question how smart this guy was. Her brownish red eyes just starred at him, waiting for him to say something that she could actually understand. Anything at all. Maybe a real pickup line. Or something along the lines of actually talking about meat. She would even settle for the kind of weather they were having. So until then, the vampire just stood there, staring at the man until he either stopped talking long enough for her to say she wasn't interesting in anything he had to say or let her ask what the hell he was even talking about.
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