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Just Another High School Assembly (Open) Empty Just Another High School Assembly (Open)

Post by Trever Valens on Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:07 am

After an extremely long vacation in Russia, Lt. Trever Valens was back to safe guarding his citadel. The time off from the police force had only made the male grow to miss it in time, but the personal days were more than necessary for the male's psyche. Not to mention Russian babes were more his type than the common chicks that frequented the city. Despite being mortal, those women could hold their own in many bed time wrestling matches against him. Chicks here could be any number of supernaturals under the rainbow, and that was typically a scary thing to the young male. He preferred not to be bitten, burned, or drained of blood after the deed was all said and done. But that didn't matter right now. The honeymoon was over and today he had to set up to give some boring presentation to hard to please high school kids, who likely didn't like him to begin with.

Low and behold, car wielding seniors stopped dead in their tracks and stared as the random O.A.P.D. vehicle stumbled into the school's parking lot during their lunch hour. The glares from the students just said it all. This police cruiser was becoming rather infamous, especially to the students of Omoi Ame High School. The imposing male behind the wheel was just as welcome in the parking lot apparently, as the gazes continued even as the man in uniform exited the car. "Is this guy lost or something?" He heard one delinquent whisper to another. "That's the Lieutenant dude. He gave me a speeding ticket last week. That dick." The other enlightened so kindly. Trever rolled his eyes beneath his sunglasses and shut the car door. "Don't you kids have class?" Trever would ask them while turning away and walking towards the building, expecting no answer but merely upholding his asshole reputation. He'd stroll up to the main entrance, while still being battered by young eyes.

Upon walking inside, the principle would greet him for about the ten billionth time now. In the short years he's been here in the city, he must have been forced to doing these damn presentations multiple times a year. But this lady always requested him, every time. The woman had a major crush, as well as almost any other female teacher in this establishment. He would always pass by a group as they all described him, "What an upstanding individual.", "We'll never see generations like his again.", "I wish there were more like him around.", "Can't he work as security here?" Sometimes there was the occasional, "Wow, look at his muscles." But of course. He was Trever Fucking Valens. 

After shaking quite a few hands and rubbing elbows, he would take the stage of the auditorium. There he had a few hours or so to set up, think about his message, and then have a meeting with faculty and staff about said message before he was to come back tomorrow to give his full presentation to the students. What am I going to do this time? These kids won't listen. They never do. How can I captivate them and still get my message across? The young wolf will sigh heavily and think for a moment about the topic. Drunk Driving. Like they'd listen to that lecture. Trever would sigh and sit down on one of the auditorium seats, looking at the stage he would be on come this time tomorrow. "I wish I could just talk about real shit for once. Something relevant. Shit they could learn from. Argh." The wolf groans impatiently as his hands come to his face and settle there.

Just Another High School Assembly (Open) Adog10
Trever Valens
Trever Valens

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